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Principles of Health and Social Care Practice – Central Bedfordshire College

Principles of Health and Social Care Practice – Central Bedfordshire College

Assignment brief

Assignment titlePrinciples of Health and Social Care Practice
Purpose of this assignment


This assignment will enable you to understand the values and principles that underpin the practice of all those who work in health and social care. All learners will consider theories and policies that underpin health and social care practice and explore formal and informal mechanisms required to promote good practice by individuals in the workforce, including strategies that can influence the performance of others.

You should refer to the assessment criteria and also the relevant unit content, when preparing your evidence for assessment.

Task 1 (1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 M3 and D3) Presentation


Your line manager has asked you to participate in the induction process for new employees, by producing and delivering a presentation, on the implementation of principles of support, into the health and social care practice of the setting. You may refer to your own setting, whilst maintaining full confidentiality, with regard to names and contexts.

Prior to the delivery of your presentation, you must submit the following:

  • an agenda
  • your research notes
  • a bibliography of all sources consulted
  • written permission from your setting, for the use of any documentation.

To achieve M3 the presentation should be delivered in a structured sequence. If a PowerPoint presentation is used then the audience should be provided with appropriate hand-outs. A question and answer session should be present at the end of the presentation and any questions answered.

To achieve D3 you should evaluate the presentation and put forward ideas for any changes that you would make if you were completing the task again. This should include content, presentation skills and research that has been undertaken.

Task 2 (2.1 2.2 2.3 M1 and M2) Information Brochure

Legislation provides a framework for all health and social care employees; your manager has now asked that you provide an information brochure, on the impact of current policy, legislation, regulations, codes of practice and standards, on your own organisation policy and practice.

You should include reference to current, including updated, legislation in your information brochure.

The brochure must be word processed and include a bibliography of all sources consulted.

To achieve M1 you must demonstrate that you have looked at policies and legislation and identified why these have been implemented and explain the impact if these had not been put into practice.

To achieve M2 you must select appropriate resource materials for the assignment with the use of the internet, journals, publications and text. The bibliography must be presented in an appropriate format.

Task 3 (3.1 3.2 3.3 and D1) Seminar

In order to provide effective care and support, it is essential that new employees gain an understanding of the theories which underpin professional practice. Your manager has asked you to deliver a seminar on theories which underpin health and social care practice, for the new employees.

Your seminar must include all of the following:

  • a short PowerPoint presentation, with accompanying notes
  • a handout for attending delegates
  • an opportunity for extended discussion which includes attending delegates.

Please submit a copy of your research notes, a bibliography of all sources consulted, and an agenda, prior to the seminar.

To achieve D1 you must critically evaluate your work and draw conclusions. You must be critical of ideas put forward during the seminar and offer justification on how the conclusions have been developed.


Task 4 (4.1 4.2 4.3 and D2) Report

As a senior care worker, you must act as a role model for new employees. Your manager has now asked you to produce a report, to be placed in the company magazine, which includes:

  • an explanation of your own role, responsibilities, accountabilities and duties, in the context of your working with individuals and organisations, within and outside of your setting
  • an evaluation of your own contribution, to the development and implementation of health and social care policy, within your organisation
  • realistic recommendations of how you could develop your own contributions, to meeting the requirements for good practice, within the setting and the organisation.

Your report must follow an acceptable format, with headings and subheadings.

Please word process the report and include a bibliography of all sources consulted.

To achieve D2 you should take an effective approach to independent research and study and will have met the deadline to submit the tasks and achieve the unit assessment criteria.

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