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Policing Law in Australia

Policing Law in Australia

2 paragraphs per answer.  

Discuss the factors that shape attitudes towards police and policing

Discuss the history of policing in Australia

Discuss third party policing

Discuss plural policing.

Explain the theoretical basis under pinning hot spot policing

Describe how a community policing approach would differ from the standard model in addressing property crime. Use examples to support your answer.

Compare and contrast intelligence led policing and community based policing.

Describe the challenges associated with adopting an evidence-based approach to policing.

Discuss the difference between intelligence and intelligence led policing.

The southeast metro policing district experienced a steady increase in home burglaries during 2017. Recommend a course of action using SARA model.

Compare and contrast problem oriented policing and evidence based policing.

Discuss a form of police misconduct and strategies that are recommended to reduce this form of misconduct.

Explain 3 factors that may determine the level of stress experienced by police officers.

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