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Plan and Manage Resource Acquisition

Plan and Manage Resource Acquisition


Plan and Manage Resource Acquisition

Submission details

Candidate’s namePhone no.
Assessor’s namePhone no.
Assessment site
Assessment date/sTime/s

The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.

Performance objective

You will demonstrate skills and knowledge required to plan and manage resource acquisition.

Assessment description

In response to a simulated business scenario, and using work completed in Assessment Task 1, you will develop and implement strategies to ensure physical and human resourcing is carried out in accordance with organisational policies, practices and procedures and intellectual property (IP) provisions.


  1. Read the BBQfun simulated business information provided in Appendix 1 of this task and in the business documentation provided by your assessor (the same documentation provided in Assessment Task 1).
  2. Plan and implement physical resourcing:
    1. Review the physical resourcing activities in the action plan you developed in Assessment Task 1.
    2. Elaborate on your plan by including all steps and strategies to acquire resources in accordance with organisational requirements.
    3. Explain the risk management strategy needed to protect the organisation’s IP and/or ensure the organisation does not breach third-party IP.
  3. Plan and implement human resourcing:
    1. Review the human resourcing activities in the action plan you developed in Assessment Task 1.
    2. Elaborate on your plan by including all steps and strategies to recruit people in accordance with organisational requirements.
    3. Incorporate IP requirements for human resource acquisition to ensure trade secrets and confidential information is protected from theft, misuse and unauthorised distribution.
    4. Prepare to interview two recruits by organising a role-play interview with each and preparing paperwork. You may wish to prepare using the interview planning template provided in Appendix 4.
    5. Interview, assess and make recommendations on two potential recruits in accordance with your plan. You may use the templates provided or develop your own. You may want to use the assessment and evaluation template provided in Appendix 5.
  4. Submit a portfolio of your implementation documents as outlined in the specifications below. Keep copies of your work for your records.


You must:

  • participate in two interview role-plays
  • submit a portfolio including:
    • action plans
    • interview plan
    • assessment and evaluation record with recommendations.

Your assessor will be looking for:

  • reading and writing skills to access and use workplace information and to write a detailed resource acquisition plan using vocabulary, grammatical structures and conventions appropriate to the context.
  • writing and numeracy skills to complete planning documentation
  • planning and organisational skills to identify IP risks and take responsibility for implementing a physical and human resource acquisition plan to achieve operational goals
  • communication skills to present information using clear and professional English, listen and comprehend information from interviewees and confirm understanding through questioning and active listening skills
  • monitoring skills to identify the implications and requirements for protecting IP
  • interaction skills to communicate and empathise with candidates during interview processes, facilitate one-on-one interviews and influence direction to achieve business outcomes
  • knowledge of organisational resource acquisition policies, practices and procedures.

Adjustment for distance-based learners

  • The role-plays can be adjusted for distance learning. The role-plays for this task can be varied to take place using Skype conferencing (or any other video conferencing tool available to both you and the assessor).
  • A follow-up interview may be required (at the discretion of the assessor).
  • Documentation can be submitted electronically or posted in the mail.

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