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Pay for MKT 1001 marketing management assignment help| Marketing Assignment Help

Pay for MKT 1001 marketing management assignment help | Marketing Assignment Help

Assessment Description

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Continuing on from Assignment 1, using the same product discussed in Assignment 1.
a) Provide your description of the product & target market from Assignment 1 (for the benefit of the marker).
b) Consider each of the four Ps i.e. product, price, promotion and placement. Using the concepts you have learnt about describe how each is applied for your selected product and market. You need to cover these specific areas:
product type/ classification, 3 levels of the product and product life cycle
channel structure and distribution intensity;
promotional tools used for the product & their advantages & disadvantages.
pricing objectives & pricing strategies.
* In each section include what is happening with your product for each concept (application) and how that relates to the course concepts (theory) *
c) Develop some creative suggestions how the company might deal with the marketing mix for this product and market in the future. When you make a change to any part of the marketing mix (product promotion price or placement) you will need to consider how that will impact the remaining parts.
d) Complete a self-assessment relating to yourself (not the product). This is a very important part of the assignment.
What did you learn about the assignment writing process and your ability to complete it?
How did you use the feedback from assessment 1 to help you improve?
What do you consider were your strengths and weaknesses in completing the assignment?
What is your learning style and what things you learnt about yourself by doing this assignment that might be helpful for future assignments.
You should also consider the material/ research you used to compile the assignment (what type of resources did you use and how did they help with writing this assignment).
e) Include a List of references and evidence of using a range of sources.

For this assignment you have the opportunity to choose your format in presenting your findings [e.g. PowerPoint; Formal Report; Prezi; Webpage]. Regardless of which format you chose, you will need to provide a written narrative that supports your presentation (similar to what you did in Assignment 1 using the notes pages to provide a script). Both the presentation and the narrative will be used to assess the assignment.
YOU MUST also submit the feedback sheet from Assignment 1 for the benefit of the marker.
SLIDE LIMIT: 20 – 30 slides
WORD COUNT LIMIT (narrative only): 2000 – 3000 words
Assignment 2 template:
Open and save a copy of this Assignment 2 template and use this to assist you in developing your presentation.
Assignment 2 marking criteria:
Open and view this Assignment 2 marking criteria to assist you in developing your presentation.

Assignment Introduction
For Assignment 2 you choose your format in presenting your findings [e.g. PowerPoint; Formal Report; Prezi; Webpage]. However, an essay is not appropriate as it does not provide opportunity to include figures or diagrams.
Theory & Application. Theory is how the marketing academics/ specialists suggest these processes happen in general. As an example consider the Consumer Decision Making Process for Assessment 1 – it is a general way to explain the process or a ‘text book’ explanation of these processes/ concepts. The concept of the Decision Making Process is a marketing theory. The application then is when you say what happens for your product specifically in relation to that process (e.g. explain what happens when you went the decision making process for your particular product). Your task for both Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 is to describe what happens with your product in a practical sense (application) and support that with theory (with references) (which you can find online or from any marketing text book).
Students will sometimes rely predominately on the course materials as references for the assignment. Please note that the according to the assignment marketing criteria there is an expectation that you would look beyond the course materials and use a variety of sources to support your discussions.
A full list of references in alphabetical order using the Harvard AGPS style must be included at the end of the presentation, both on the slide and the script.
When you submit your assignments through EASE you do not need a coversheet. You should name your files including the subject code MKT1001, your name and student number. You should be submitting 2 files for assignment 1: PowerPoint file and your template. For assignment 2 you should be submitting at least 2 files depending on your chosen format: presentation (with script or narrative) and your feedback from Assignment 1.
Use correct spelling and grammar. Please use the spell check function on your computer wisely. Please check your work before submitting for assessment.

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