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NUR3020 Topics for Professional Practice

NUR3020 Topics for Professional Practice


The purpose of the essay is to accomplish the learning objectives –

The student is to write an essay about a topic of relevance to Registered Nurses, particularly those beginning their practice.   Students will select one of the themes from the list below.  The essay will develop that theme (i.e. a ‘point’, a statement or an argument) and then be supported from appropriate and current literature.   [NOTE: academic literature – not websites and beyond ANMAC/NMBA/AHPRA standards]

For a review of essay writing and theme development please access the resources on the USQ web:

Topics/Themes (must have an Australian and ‘new graduate’ focus):

  1. New graduate registered nurses, who have previously worked as enrolled nurses in Australia, must navigate challenges in transitioning to their new role as a registered nurse. 
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