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Nike Failure in China- Problem Solving

Nike Failure in China- Problem Solving

Assessment Description

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Executive Summary should be of one page not more than that
Introduction -half page
Conclusion- half page
Referencing- alphabetical order and consistency
appendix- data related to the topic
Word Count
Task 1- 800-1000 words- 40%
Task 2- 1000-1200 words- 50%

In task 1 identification of problem ( focuses on single problem by categorisation ) analysis of the problem (the problems should be descriptive- what happened or why). 

In task2 Suggestions are to given (2 for 2 problems) and justification of the problems  and i want references with proper Harvard style citation and articles should be proper and try to not use websites from google

Assignment Task
You will choose and research an international company of your own choice that has been/was engaged in international business operations. You should complete the following 2 tasks in your report:

Identify and analyse an operational problem which takes place or took place in a host country You need to clearly identify the operational problem which adversely affects business prosperity of the company such as poor sales performance, loss of profit, reputation damage, decrease in share . value, etc. You also need to critically analyse the causes of the problem.

Suggest and justify strategies/solutions/tactics which can be implemented or should have been implemented to successfully manage the

This is where you have to come up with convincing solutions to rectify the problem you discussed previously. Your suggestions should be fully
justified by providing relevant examples and/or compelling evidences. You should argue your points in a logical and persuasive manner.

Your report should be completed from the perspective of business consultant employed by the very company. The report should contain the
following contents: Executive summary, Introduction, Main body, Conclusion, List of references, and Appendices (if any).  Target word
number is 2000 words – please provide the word count on the script. An electronic copy of your report should be submitted to StudySpace via
turn-it-in by 09:00AM on Thursday 1st of December 2016.


Please note that the problem you will discuss should only affect an operation in a single country rather than the entire global operation.

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