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Need Help with Air New Zealand Strategic Management Assignment

Need Help with Air New Zealand Strategic Management Assignment

Assessment Description

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Air Zealand Pacific Rim (Long-haul International)

Strategic Factors in light of the current situation of Air New Zealand at Corporate-Level and Strategic Business Unit-Level using: note Pacific Rim (Long-haul International) only not domestic

PESTLE, SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces, Competitor Analysis, EFAS and IFAS Tables, SFAS and TOWS Matrix to report on the main strategic factors affecting the Airline Passenger industry/Air New Zealand.

Review and Revise as necessary the Mission and Objectives of Air New Zealand.

Generate, evaluate and discuss three strategic alternatives in relation to Corporate Strategy and Directional Strategy (Growth, Stability, and Retrenchment) that are particularly relevant for both Air New Zealand at the corporate level and the selected strategic business unit.

Then discuss strategic alternatives based on the above at Business Level for the selected Strategic Business Unit.

Useful web links

Air New Zealand Annual and Interim Results

These websites are a guide to providing some sources of information for the Airline Industry/Air New Zealand Internal and External environment scanning, as well as links to Business News Media Sites and Analysts websites for specific news and analysis on Air New Zealand.

This is the website for a New Zealand organization that is advocating for a fundamental shift in New Zealand’s economic structure by businesses investing in sustain business practices. It is full of news stories from leading NZ and overseas scientists and businesses. A few stories are about Airlines. Have a look through this for ideas about the future external environment, and competitive risks Air New Zealand may be facing.

This website is from the IATA and contains many sources of information about Airline Industry Performance and Issues. This will be helpful for your external and task environment scans

This article and embedded video provides some very useful Airline Industry Commentary for understanding the performance of global airlines and some key strategic factors driving current profit growth and improved results. It is recommended you look at this and take notes

This is the website for the Centre for Aviation Analysis. Some of the information available from this site is free and is a good place to find basic airline industry news and analysis, including analysis of various individual airlines (although please be warned some of the individual airline analysis is a little out of date). It will provide another source of information for your task and internal environment scans

PWC is a major company in the providing consulting services, and you can find many relevant articles concerning the Airline Industry here

New Zealand Stock Exchange page on Air New Zealand. It provides and overview and analysis of Air New Zealand’s current performance. You can obtain latest share price and announcements Air New Zealand has made to the New Zealand Stock Exchange here too.

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