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MGT536 – Leadership – A Critical Perspective Learning Journal Assignment Help

MGT536 – Leadership – A Critical Perspective Learning Journal Assignment Help

Assessment Description

Complete four learning journal entries by responding to the questions stated below by the due date
Upon completion of a variety of self – assessment instruments, you are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of self-awareness in relation to leadership. Your learning journal is based on your insights and provides you with an opportunity to reflect on the ways in which the issues and concepts raised in the course affect you personally in your role as a manager and leader.
Learning Journal Requirements:
Based on the self-assessment instruments used in the course respond to the following questions:
1. Choose four areas in Leadership for your self-analysis and justify your choice. Due date 2 August. Length 400 words
2. Summarize the results of the relevant self-assessments in your learning journal. Due date 14 August. Length 700 words
3. Share your results, insights and conclusions with someone you trust and respect. Ask them for their reactions and comments. Due date 22 August. Length 700 words
4. Discuss in the journal:
• What you learned about yourself.
• How your perceptions of yourself are similar and different from the perceptions of the person with whom you discussed your assessments.
• How your style could affect your relationship with others, particularly your work relationships. Consider its influence on how you see and relate to others, how others react toward you, and implications for the kind of work you prefer. 
• Given this information, what can you do to take advantage of your strengths and minimize your weaknesses as a manager/leader?  What barriers and opportunities exist for the implementation of your personal leadership plan in your student/professional life? Due date 30 August. Length 1200 words

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