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MGT536 Additional Leadership Assignment Help CSU

MGT536 Additional Leadership Assignment Help CSU

Assignment Description

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Leadership Assignment Help

Length: 3,000 to 3,500 words
Submission Method: Email and Due Date: 09/01/2017

Choose and critically evaluate ONE of the following statements:

Statement #1

Future exploration of leadership and entrepreneurship should move away from a position of “being” to a position of “doing”.

Statement #2
Entrepreneurship is merely a special case of leadership.


This assignment is designed to familiarise students with the evolution of leadership and entrepreneurship theories. This task requires the demonstration of an appropriate understanding and appreciation of the changes in development and direction of leadership/entrepreneurship discourse over time.

It necessitates an analysis of the different perspectives and approaches to leadership/entrepreneurship study and how these changes have relevance and implications in entrepreneurial organisations, or organisations with entrepreneurial objectives.

Marking criteria

Your assignment will be assessed according to the extent to which it has:

  •   answered the question selected, kept to the topic and covered only relevant issues;
  •   shown adequate use of a range of academic resources to support discussions;
  •   taken a critical orientation to the topic, theories and readings;
  •   built a sound argument using analysis, explanation and interpretation;
  •   incorporated thinking based on
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    a clear evaluation of evidence, treating sources critically and acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses;
  •   provided a well structured, clear and consistent line of reasoning across the assignment, including an effective introduction and conclusion;
  •   demonstrated readability (this relates to structure, clarity of expression, explanations, linkages and flow, grammar and spelling, use of headings, correct referencing (APA 6th edition), overall presentation).

    This is a research assignment; DO NOT rely simply on your own beliefs/opinions to write this assignment. You must use relevant academic literature as a basis for your writing which needs to go beyond the basic material covered in this subject. The expected minimum number of references for a PASS grade would be in the range of 10-15 items. Ensure that you reference a broad array of authors and materials (books, textbooks, academic journals, business periodicals, reports, etc).

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