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MGMT7.04 STRATEGIC OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Eastern Institute of technology

MGMT7.04 STRATEGIC OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Eastern Institute of technology

Assessment Description

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This case study is based on the case “Hagen Style” attached in Appendix A.

MARKS: The case will be marked out of 100 and it is worth 15% of the total course marks.

Background: The company faces the dilemma of moving with its markets and therefore changing its operations resources to fit its new markets or, alternatively, moving into new markets which will allow it to exploit its operations-based superiority. It, therefore, fits in well with Learning Outcomes 1 and 2, which are concerned with the reconciliation between market requirements and operations resources, and trade-off analysis.

Required: Analyse the case using the operations strategy analysis framework

  1. Identify resources, capabilities, processes, and operations strategy decisions.
  2. Identify the customers, market position, competitors and performance objectives.
  3. Develop three alternative operations strategies that reconciles the organisation’s operations resources with its market requirements.
  4. Apply trade-off analysis and examine the three strategies.
  5. Make recommendations regarding what the company should do to reconcile the market requirements with its operations resources.
  6. Support analysis and recommendations with high quality academic references such as journals, reports, conference proceeding etc.

Note: Use relevant frameworks where required.

Suggestions: You need to consider what is more important to the company, its markets or its operational capability? Or more fundamentally, “what does the company think it is really good at?” Are its key skills in understanding the needs of those parts of the market which buy its products? Or is its key skill the “order fulfilment” business of translating customer orders into fast, high quality and low cost delivery?

Presentation: Your answer should be in technical report format.  Page numbers, section and paragraph headings should be provided and properly numbered.  In formulating your answers you should be guided by the sections of the marking schedule. The word limit is 1500 words. Significant deviation from the word limit will incur penalty.

All written assignments must include the following:

  • An EIT Assignment Coversheet including an accurate word count.
  • A fully completed and signed Plagiarism Declaration Form is to follow the assignment cover sheet. Assignments with incomplete and/or unsigned plagiarism deceleration forms will not be graded.

Other written components as required for each written assignment. For example:

  • A Table of Contents (and other lists if you use tables, or figures such as graphs or illustrations),
  • Section and subsection headings
  • Cross-referencing between sections and subsections
  • A reference list, in APA 6th style showing all sources of information used, as required in your student handbook and programme handbook under the headings ‘academic integrity’ and ‘academic misconduct’
  • Appendices or exhibits sections as required.

Formatting must: use font size 12 with 1.15 line spacing; 2.54 cm margins all around; and Times New Roman font style. Your assignment must be submitted using MS Word format, and not PDF format. All written components must be readable by Turnitin similarity software. File naming conventions illustrated in class must be used to name your assignment file.

Feedback and Marking

The following Feedback and Grade Interpretations will apply to all written assignments and presentations as follows:

A+ to A75% – 100%Comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the required areas.

Research was comprehensive, appropriate and extensive.

The analysis was substantiated and presented in an easy to follow and logical manner.

The writing was clear and concise.

The presentation was of a professional standard.

No, or a few minor formatting errors.

No APA Style referencing errors.

B+ to B60% – 74%Major areas covered in-depth.

Evidence of good research.

Good application of concepts and theory.

Analysis followed logically.

Well focused and presented.

A few minor formatting errors.

A few minor APA Style referencing errors.

    C50% – 59%The major areas were covered and showed some depth of understanding.

Some areas applied.

Evidence of some research and analysis.

Communication and presentation were adequate.

Frequent minor formatting errors.

Frequent minor APA Style referencing errors

    D40% – 49%Some research and application of knowledge/theory.

Unable to communicate idea clearly and justify it.  Presentation not adequate/ Report incomplete / insufficient depth of explanation.

Frequent major formatting errors.

Major APA Style referencing errors

    Eless than 40%No apparent effort to complete assignment to required level.

Consistent and frequent formatting errors. Serious APA Style referencing errors or omissions.


XCross Credit
NNot passed due to non-achievement of some set requirement
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