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MGMT. 8004 Summer School CompanyAnnual Case Report

MGMT. 8004 Summer School CompanyAnnualCase Report, 2015



Assignment – Write a case analysis focusing on Company Annual Report

Students are required to write a case analysis report from the annual report in response to the assigned case study. The report should provide a summary of the company’s situation analysis, and financial SWOT analysis (max 1 page) by comparing the chosen annual report with the previous year’s annual report. The main focus of this report is to identify products overview and financial highlights in the annual report using necessary financial statements. Included in the analyses are information on shares of the company, information on profit and loss accounts (income statement), balance sheet as on year end, cash flow statement and schedules of the financials for the coming years. Key information on corporate governance are to be included to determine whether the profile of independent directors match with the performance of the company. Finally outline possible risks/contingencies and an implementation plan for the coming financial year.

TASK 1: Written Component – Case Analysis focusing on Company Annual Report

This team assignment will be an integrative study reviewing a company’s annual report. Companies will be randomly allocated to groups, and will be assessed for the written report submitted as well as the presentation (see details below). The group assignment should take the form of a report to management and will require you to assume the role of a management consultant. As such you will identify the problem to be solved, analyse the company’s financial position in a logical way, and propose courses of action. You will need to finish off by outlining possible risks/contingencies and an implementation plan for the next coming years.

See the marking rubric below that outlines specific areas of the report that you need to focus on. At the end of the day, make sure you address the specific problems/solutions to your chosen company/case study.


Your report will demonstrate both academic and professional standards. As a minimum standard, you are expected to refer to and use selected business/financial theories and models as conceptual frameworks (relevant to your discussion) and to cite appropriate literature to support your arguments. A good starting point would be the lecture notes and readings assigned to this subject including external references to secondary market research data sources.

Research extensively and support your work with valid materials. Your depth of research is further demonstrated by your use of in-text referencing which will support your argument, and eliminates concerns regarding plagiarism, using the APA referencing Style.

Use your prior education background as well as industry experience to add credibility to your arguments. It is also important to support your own opinions with demonstrated research (references of other people who also support your argument).

Information is expected to be gathered from a wide range of sources including: Journals, Industry reports,

TASK II: Presentation Component

Each group will be allocated 20 minutes in total, that is, 15 minutes to make a PowerPoint presentation to the class, followed by a 5 minute Q&A segment. Similar to the written component above, you are expected to identify the key issues/problems of the case and recommend a suitable course of action. Most importantly, you need to support your arguments and recommendations with sound analysis and compelling evidence (i.e., theories or tools). As often the case in the real world, there is likely to be more than one reasonable course of action and every decision comes with its own risks and rewards. You need to demonstrate that you are aware of the pros and cons of your recommendation and why you believe that it is preferable to alternatives. See the marking rubric for more details.

Upon the completion of the presentation, each member of the group is required to submit a peer evaluation form to the Convenor. This is to ensure that all students make equitable contribution in this group assessment task. Negative peer evaluation can significantly impact your grade for this assessment task.

Submission Details:

The group assignment and accompanying slides are to be submitted to the Convenor as follows:

  1. Electronic version of the written report and PowerPoint slides to be emailed to the Convenor by 5pm on

    Monday 1 February 2016 at the latest.

  2. Typed version of the assignment and the accompanying slides for the class presentation to be handed in to the

    Convenor at the start of the class on 2 Tuesday & 3 Wednesday February 2016.

NB: Each group member must have with them both written and electronic copies of the written report and the PowerPoint presentation for the class on 2 Tuesday & 3 Wednesday February 2016 and every member of the group is expected to present his/her part. In the event of unfortunate circumstances (e.g., sickness) of one group member or more, the other group members must ensure that the presentation goes ahead as per the initial schedule.

Word limit: The word limit of the assignment is 3000 words (not including table of contents, executive summary, references). For the presentation, provide a maximum of 30 content slides.

Additional Notes on Report Submission

  1. All submissions should be 1.5 spaced. Allow a minimum of 25mm (1”) on left, right, top and bottom margins. All pages should be numbered. You can use either Arial or Times New Roman type font size 12.
  2. Do not use first person language, e.g., “I” and “we” and avoid colloquialisms and clichés in formal business reports.
  3. All tables and figures need to be numbered and labelled and referred to as such in the text before they

    appear in the report.

  4. You should adopt the APA referencing style.
  5. Rewrite your report until it is clear and interesting. The first draft never works. Proofread to eliminate obvious errors.

    Even better, ask someone else to proofread. Correctness and accuracy in spelling, grammar and punctuation are expected. Readers will think that small errors are due to a lack of care and generalise about your analysis.

NOTE: Assignments which are submitted after the due date and time will attract a penalty of 10% of the total marks available per working day late, up to a maximum of five working days. Assignments submitted after five working days will be graded with zero marks.

NB: You must NOT contact the company directly (either by phone, email, Skype etc.), information should only be accessed via public domains.

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