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Marketing Plan Assignment Help

Marketing Plan Assignment Help


Based on assignment 2, you have developed a good understanding of your client’s products, as well as industry and consumer profiles. You also have made a justified recommendation for one Asia Pacific market to enter. For assignment 3, you will develop an in-depth understanding of your country’s market and competitive environment. This will be the basis for an international marketing strategy that will enable your client to make an informed decision on how to pursue their product, price, promotion and distribution strategy when entering the chosen market.


 You will focus on the same product sector/company as in assignment 2
 You will also focus on the country that you recommended in assignment 2

 Develop and justify an international marketing strategy for your chosen market

which should cover the following:  Objectives

 Market environment summary  Competitor analysis
 Your client’ market readiness  Mode of entry

 STPD strategy
 Product strategy
 Price strategy
 Promotion strategy  Distribution strategy

Please note: Above components of an international marketing strategy are certainly interlinked. For example, based on your competitor analysis or your STPD strategy, you may focus on a specific pricing strategy, therefore link back to points you made earlier. Or another example, the objectives might be influenced by your client’s market readiness and the mode of entry.

Presentation: Assignments are to be typed, with one and a half line spacing, and a 12-point font size. Please also allow for page margins of at least 2cm each. Overall, adopt a professional approach.

Assessment criteria:

Summary of the market environment and competitor analysis (max 10 marks):

• Develop an improved summary of the most relevant aspects of the chosen market environment (based on assignment 2 and feedback that you received). Furthermore, develop and critically discuss the competitive market environment of the major and specific competitors that operate in the chosen market. (quality of market environment summary, quality and depth of competitor analysis)

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