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Make My Fair Work Ombudsman Essay

Make My Fair Work Ombudsman Essay

Assessment Description

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Value: 30%
Due date: 06-Sep-2016
Return date: 05-Oct-2016
Length: approx 1500-2000 words
Submission method options
Alternative submission method

In April 2016, the Fair Work Ombusman released a report on the findings of this inquiry on the 7 Eleven franchise network.  The inquiry was prompted by allegations of systemic non-compliance with federal workplace laws.

Your task in this assignment is to:

  • Provide a brief summary of the 7 Eleven inquiry;
  • Explain what the failings (gaps) are in the industrial relations system that enabled 7-Eleven to underpay its workers;
  • Provide recommendations that will protect the rights of employees from being exploited along similiar lines in the future.

You may find the following links useful:

  • Be able to apply specialised knowledge to solve complex problems relating to the Australian industrial relations system and the interrelationships among the parties and processes in the system;
  • Be able to synthesise and apply theoretical frameworks and scholarly research to critically analyse issues relating to the practice of industrial relations in Australia;
  • Be able to employ academic writing and information literacy skills to produce robust, well-supported argument related to industrial relations issues;
Marking criteria
Criteria and  StandardLOHD 25.5-30DI 22.5-25.2CR 19.5-22.2PS 15-19.2FL 0-14.7
Introduction: 5 marks 4.25-53.75-4.23.25-3.72.5-3.20-2.45
Write an introduction, i.e., a synopsis that identifies what you will cover; outlines the structure,explains how you will present the discussion and identifies the outcomes.
 The introduction is structured logically, and provides a clear explanation to the reader of the constituent parts of the essay. It synthesises the essay accurately.Introduction is carefully and logically organised. It provides a clear explanation to the reader of the main points of the essay.Introduction is coherent and clearly identifies structure. Shows some attempt to organise and present the argument in a logical manner.Introduction is disorganised with little or no indication of conceptual/ theoretical basis and no or poor indication of structure.< /td>
Main Body: 15 marks 12.75-15.011.25-12.79.75-11.27.5-9.70-7.4
State the theories/concepts you are using to support your discussion.3Comprehensive and critical account of relevant concepts/ theories.Comprehensive and detailed account of relevant concepts/ theories.Sound and accurate account of relevant concepts/ theories.Generally clear account of relevant concepts/theories.The theories/concepts are inaccurately/inadequately identified.
Use these theories/concepts to outline your argument/analysis/explanation.4The explanation is outstanding and relates fully to the theories/concepts.The explanation is comprehensive and relates fully to the theories/concepts.The explanation is accurate and relates well to the theories/concepts.The explanation is accurate but the relationship to the theories/ concepts lacks clarity.The explanation is inaccurate, muddled or inadequate, not relating clearly to the theories/concepts.
Go on to discuss and explain critically.4Discussion begins to examine critically how these concepts are important to the issues hand. Begins to or achieves a comprehensive and critical assessment that probes the relationships between theory and practice in assessing the issues at hand.Discussion moves beyond replication of learning material towards assessing and evaluating it, leading into a comprehensive assessment that draws distinct relationships between the theory and practice of the issues at hand.A reasonably detailed discussion; a sound and balanced attempt to relate theory and practice; some assessment has been made of implications of the findings.Clear but basic discussion of issues at hand. A reasonable and generally clear attempt to relate theory and practice; some assessment has been made of implications of the findingsThe theories/concepts are inaccurately/inadequately discussed and/or related to organisations.
Limited or no relationship drawn theory and practice; little or no assessment of the issues at hand.
From the discussion, you should be able to draw conclusions.4Identifies, explains and critically reviews the consequences.Identifies, explains and begins to critically review the consequences.Identifies, explains and draws a clear relationship between consequences.Limited, only partially identifies and explains consequences. Some, but insufficient relationships with previous discussion drawn.Fails to identify and explain consequences. Fails to relate this to previous discussion.
Conclusion: 5 marks 4.25-53.75-4.23.25-3.72.5-3.20-2.45
Write the conclusion which summarises the line of argument you have taken in the essay. Analytical and clear conclusions that are well grounded in concepts/theory, and excellent relationships drawn with practice.Good development shown in summarising the arguments located in the concepts/theory and good relationships drawn with practice.Evidence of findings grounded in concepts/theory/literature with reasonable relationships drawn with practice.Limited evidence of findings and conclusions supported by theory/literature. Limited relationships drawn with practice.Unsubstantiated conclusions; based only on generalisations or no conclusions provided.
Presentation: 5 marks 4.25-53.75-4.23.25-3.72.5-3.20-2.45
Formal academic writing (i.e. not colloquial)
Mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.)
Use of APA style; at least eight citations and references. Well-structured and accurate bibliography/reference list.
 Extremely high level of academic writing with an excellent mastery of grammar, spelling and punctuation. Impeccable use of APA style. Well-structured an
d accurate bibliography or reference list.
Comprehensive use of academic writing, substantial mastery of grammar, spelling and punctuation. APA followed with a high level of accuracy. Well-structured and accurate bibliography/reference list.Acceptable level of academic writing. Clarity of expression, accurate spelling and punctuation, citations are used throughout to support points made. Reference list reflects citations and follows APA style with reasonable accurately. Well-structured and accurate bibliography/reference list.
Writing is in a basic academic style with a tendency to lapse into colloquial language. A structure is apparent, all questions answered. Some mechanical errors.
Few or no citations, fair or poor reference list.
APA style used with some errors. Reasonably structured and accurate bibliography/reference list.
Writing is inadequately academic, tending to be more informal and/or colloquial. Extremely unclear, lacks structure; many mechanical errors and few or no citations. No referencing. Poor bibliography or reference list.  
Comments:Total Marks Awarded /30

Start with an Introduction and end with a Conclusion and Reference list. In addition to information sourced from various publications and internet sites, you must also incorporate relevant academic literature to substantiate your discussions and/or recommendations throughout the essay. APA referencing style is expected. You must avoid committing plagiarism by acknowledging the work of others in your assignments.

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