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Literature Review Assignment

Literature Review Assignment


This assignment requires you to complete a literature review of the current best evidence on the determinants of a chosen health issue.

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate you can achieve the following Unit Learning Outcomes:

 Demonstrate an understanding of the wide range of factors that need to be considered in thinking about the possible “causes” of specific health outcomes;

 Demonstrate the nature and importance to human health of communicable diseases, environmental health, food and nutrition and non-communicable diseases; and

 Discuss in detail the nature and scope of public health, including attention to current challenges.


  1. Choose ONE of the following health issues:Suicide in young adult males

    Type 2 diabetes-related renal failure in adults

    Cardiac disease in adults

  2. Identify the significance of your chosen health issue within a defined population (e.g. suicide amongst young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander males, or cardiac disease in women in India), using sources such as the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (or other relevant agencies if you are investigating these health issues in another country). (n.b. Significance can be identified through statistics relating to prevalence of health issue, changes in prevalence over time, morbidity and mortality associated with health issue etc.)
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