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Leadership and Development Proposal

Leadership and Development Proposal

Assessment Description

Outline of the case study:
‘You are the Corporate Learning and Organizational Development Manager of a global Pharmaceutical Company engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of generic pharmaceuticals with commercial markets in the USA, Europe and Asia. The company is expanding into emerging markets and to sustain its rapid growth the organization has recognized the need for strong leadership and management.
You have been asked to develop a leadership and management development programme for the top 30 managers across the globe. Drawing upon models and frameworks you have been taught, your personal reflection logs, discussions in action learning groups and formative assessments:
Identify and justify the key features and underpinning learning strategy of your proposed programme. Explain how you would evaluate the programme’s effectiveness.
Use academic sources and examples from contemporary practice to support your answer.’ (2500-3000 words)
Instruction to students:
This is a proposal paper presenting your leadership and management development programme in the context of the case study. The discussion needs to be based on academic theory and industry examples as relevant. Theory used in the proposal should be backed up by the use of full and consistent citation, both in text and in a full reference list provided at the end of the proposal.
A good approach to this coursework will:
Introduce the proposal explaining the role and importance of leadership and management development in organisations
Present the background of the organisation to build up a clear rationale for the proposal. Here, further assumptions on internal and external challenges can be made to build the case;
Discuss the overall learning strategy of the programme using relevant academic literature;
Build up the key features of the leadership and management development programme;
Present a clear implementation and evaluation strategy for the programme;
Produce an effective conclusion with a focus on sustainability/on-going professional development of leaders and managers.


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