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ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution

ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution

Assignment 1 – Resurrection Overview

Learning Outcomes Assessed

The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:

A1. Prepare a basic solution to a business problem;
A2. Select appropriate IT solutions for business functions;
A3. Apply business information software for data visualization and analysis purposes. S1. Write basic programming logic;
S3. Interpret and construct representations of business data flow and processes;
K8. Outline the basic principles of programming.

Assessment Details

Resurrection* is a small second-hand book shop, run by a team of three staff members: Alexander, Bertha, and Cheryl.

For this assignment, you will complete the following set of tasks using Excel, and build an ePortfolio page to describe your work.

Task 0 – Setting up

Create an ePortfolio page for your assignment. You will submit this page to Moodle as per the lab tasks.

You may call it whatever you like, for example ITECH1100 Assignment 1 – 30349759.

Hours of operation

Most of the time, each team member works separate shifts:

Alexander works 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; Bertha works 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, Thursday, Friday and Saturday; and Cheryl works 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

The shop runs from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM each day, except Saturday when it closes at 12:30. It is closed entirely on Sundays.


Alexander and Bertha are the semi-retired co-owners of the bookshop, and do not take a salary.

Cheryl, however, is a part-time employee, with total employment costs of $22 per hour. Cheryl is also entitled to four weeks of paid annual leave, during which a casual replacement is required at a cost of $33 per hour.

Fixed costs such as rent and insurance are $2900 per year, and utilities costs are $140 per month.

Task 1 – Costs of operating the business

Using Excel, create a spreadsheet called operating_costs.xlsx that calculates the projected annual outgoing costs of running Resurrection.

Your spreadsheet should be configured such that the working hours, hourly rates, and fixed and utility costs can be varied easily.

Document your findings in your ePortfolio page (approximately 100 words).

Obtaining Books

Throughout the day, customers come to Resurrection to buy books, and occasionally to sell them.

When people bring in books to sell to Resurrection, the staff member on duty will review the books and make an offer for each one individually.

Currently, the process for determining how much the book shop will pay for a book is entirely subjective. Staff members offer an amount per book based on the quality of the book, and how popular they think it is, and how they are feeling at the time.

The sale amount is always simply double the amount paid and is set at the same time – if Resurrection pays $3.00 for a book, they will put it on sale with a marked price of $6.00.

( Resurrection does not deal in rare or antique books)
For several months, staff have been keeping track of the date and time, quality, publication year and

amount paid for each book in a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is available for download on Moodle.

Task 2 – Sales team offers

Using Excel, process the history of purchases spreadsheet and use appropriate charts to visualize:

How the prices paid differed for each staff member; and How the prices paid have changed over time

Describe your findings in your ePortfolio (approximately 250 words), and attach the Excel file to your page.

Process automation

Alexander and Bertha want to improve the consistency of how they pay for and price books.

They’d like to standardize on three standard price offers, and have designed the following process to determine how to allocate them, including the option of rejecting the book altogether.

The staff have already agreed on how to determine whether a book is terrible, poor, or good.

Task 3 – Automation

Using Excel, create a spreadsheet page that automates the above process, allowing a member of the team to enter whether the book is hardcover, its publication year, and its condition, and receive a price to offer.

Ensure that you include enough text and formatting to make your spreadsheet usable by a member of the Resurrection team, or by a University lecturer.

Your spreadsheet should be configured such that the Low, Medium and High prices can be varied easily.

Describe how you automated the process (approx 150 words), and attach your Excel file to your ePortfolio.

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