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ITECH 1006 – Database Management Systems

ITECH 1006 – Database Management Systems

Assignment Description

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You are to create an ER diagram, and a relational schema for a small business. You need to provide a discussion of normalisation including the normal form that each entity is in, a list of relationships with all table names, primary and foreign keys, and attributes indicating their type and purpose.
Timelines and Expectations Percentage Value of Task: 20%  Due: 5pm Thursday the 5th January, 2017 (week 7) Minimum time expectation: 12 hours
Learning Outcomes Assessed The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:  K4. design a relational database for a provided scenario utilising tools and techniques including ER diagrams, relation models and normalisation  K5. describe relational algebra and its relationship to Structured Query Language (SQL);  A1. design and implement a relational database using a database management system;
Project Specification You have been commissioned to create a database for ArtScapes, a new company that runs exhibitions in different locations in Australia. Their goal is to sell tickets to these art exhibitions to the public, promote featured artists and help them sell works of art during the exhibitions.  All ArtScape exhibitions are organised and run from the company’s head office in Sydney, but exhibitions can be in any city or town. It is company policy to only run one exhibition at any one time, and to supply their own staff. Each exhibition has a name and a theme. Artists and their works are chosen for each theme and invited to participate. Artists are not paid for participating, but they receive the proceeds (if any) from sales of their artwork. Artscape receive a 10% commission from these art sales and the admission fees from exhibition visitors. They pride themselves for showing outstanding pieces of art from known artists and promising new ones. The following business rules and information gathered about the current business activities will allow you to derive entities. Your submission is not expected to have many to many relationships left unresolved.  You may add entities or attributes as you see fit. Assumptions can be made to include further entities and their relationships, but referential integrity and normalisation processes must be adhered to. Reasons should be given for any relation that is not maintained in 3NF.
 Exhibitions (run by ArtScape) are referenced by a unique exhibition number, they have a name, a theme, a location, a website address, and start and end dates for the exhibition.  ArtScape employs many staff members, keeping track of their unique IDs, names and contact details, as well as tax number, job title and daily rate of pay. Most staff members are assigned to a supervisor, who is a member of staff as well.

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