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ITC563- IT Management Issues

ITC563- IT Management Issues

IT Assignment Help

Assessment Description
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ICT in Business
Value: 10%
Due date: 02-Dec-2016
Return date: 23-Dec-2016
Length: 500
Submission method options
Interact2 Journal

Select a successful e-business that has been started in the last 5 years (e.g. e-store online booking service, gaming, e-learning etc.) and describe in about 500 words in your journal entry on Interact2, the role of service delivery technologies and tools in their everyday business operations.
Identify and discuss the service delivery technologies used and substantiate your claim above (importance/impact role of these service delivery technologies in a business), with references to similar cases available in journals which explains the value of this information to the organisation. Include information of any business project (small/large) and any IT outsourcing activity.
This task must be completed by the date due – when the marker will access the published site.


This task meets Learning Outcomes 1 & 2:
Students will:
be able to describe the role of information and communication technologies in organisational activities;
be able to explain the value of information to an organisation.
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