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International Business Practice Report

International Business Practice Report


The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to utilise your knowledge of international business to undertake an analysis of the practice of a real organisation. You may choose an organisation for the local environment or from overseas. Business press is full of reports about different aspects of international business strategy adopted by organisations – both local and international.  You need to not only report the development, but also analyse the relevance of such action. An overriding issue will be to assess, “is this action theoretically sound and justified”?

Assessment criteria:   The submitted assignment is required to demonstrate the following:

  1. An ability to utilise sources such as the Internet and University library facilities to search, locate and summarise data relevant to the assignment
  2. Selection of a real international business strategy for the chosen organisation.
  3. An ability to utilise appropriate theories about international business to assess if the new action or strategy is appropriate.
  4. An ability to utilise appropriate theories to create frameworks to assess its relevance
  5. An ability to present a well written, well-structured report
  6. An ability to critically analyse information, formulate conclusions and exhibit original thought.

Unit Information

The levels of achievement for the assignment are measured by demonstration of:

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