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Integrated Marketing Communications – KENT University

Integrated Marketing Communications – KENT University


Business reports are practical learning tasks where students apply the theories they have been studying to real world situations. The students are required to select a topic, collect information (Primary and/or secondary) and prepare a report describing a business problem or incident. This report should consist of (not inclusive) Abstract, Introduction, Objectives, Methodologies, Information Analysis, Findings, Recommendations, References, and Appendices.

Students will be divided into groups consisting of 3 – 5 students in each group. The groups will be formed at the beginning of the trimester and should be maintained for all the group activities across the study period.

Every group for this assignment is required to select an Australian company currently operating in the market. You have to be clever and pragmatic on selecting the company. It has to be large, substantial and must have available information for desk research (e.g., ASX top 100 company with full annual report). You are required to explore and collect information on the company to complete this assignment.

The assignment is designed to encapsulate and analyse a wide range of market communication approaches taken by your selected organisations. It is highly expected from you to demonstrate the following key attributes in your report.

i) Evidence on substantial desk research with appropriate references, ii) Representationoftheoreticalframeworks,
iii) Synthesis between desk research and theoretical frameworks,
iv) Managerial contributions and implications.

Your report must include:

  •   At least eight reference sources including the text book, none of which are internet sources, e.g. websites.
  •   Correct report structure. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills handout on Report Writing and Dwyer, J 2016 Communication for Business and the Professions, Strategies and Skills, 6th ed., Pearson Education, Australia .
  •   Harvard referencing for any sources you use. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills handout on Referencing.

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