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Assessment Description

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Assignment Task
1.   To familiarise yourself with the innovation undertaken, past, present, and potential future innovations within an industry sector.

2.   Be able to assess and evaluate the forces at work influencing industry innovation levels and performance, using relevant innovation theories.

3.   Find an organisation which to carry out innovation audit for Assignment 2 & 3: Group Presentation & Report.

Each individual is to identify an industry in which they have an interest:

a)     Identify an industry sector in which you are interested;

b)     carry out a study on industry sector innovation performance;

c)     write a report focusing on the innovation performance  within the industry sector.

For Example: a student may have an interest in the British film industry. The industry itself is composed of many different sectors. Part of the task to be undertaken is to help comprehension of industry sectors and related innovation performance.

Outline Report Contents: the report submitted may include headings and content as follows. Students are however free to vary the content according to their findings.

  1. Executive Summary: what, why, how, and what – including a clear definition of the industry sector selected.
  2. Introduction to Industry Sector

a.   Evolution of innovation in the sector past, present, and potential future innovations to include:- characterisation of the innovation undertaken within the sector, investment in R&D and/or Open Innovation Networks. Business Models.

b.   National Resources and Capabilities: National and international policy drivers of innovation plus any other drivers identified.


  1. General Factors in Industry Sector Innovation
    1. Government   involvement in NSI for sector
    2. R&D or open innovation in sector: where do the ideas come from?
    3. Innovation trends including investment levels
    4. Barriers to industry innovation e.g. lack of skills


  1. Innovation Activity in the sector including identifying key players in the national system of innovation
  2. Barriers and key issues for industry sector Innovation
  3. Conclusion – identification of potential future innovations in the industry.  Identification of potential organisations for assignment 2 & 3 and plan for gaining access.

Allocation of Marks

Section/elementAllocated Marks
Application of knowledge and concepts acquired through reading and class learning to an industry sector, with appropriate academic references.25%
Industry sector structure and innovation activity identified including sources of knowledge for innovation,  with appropriate academic references.25%
Identification of key factors in innovation performance for the industry sector, with appropriate academic references.25%
Level of insight gained into Industry sector innovation performance, past, current and future, with appropriate academic references.20%
Overall structure of the report

Written business report containing executive summary, appropriate structure, writing style, referenced sources, tables and graphs







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