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How to make use of Persuasive Essay Writing

How to make use of Persuasive Essay Writing

Essay writing is a piece of writing where a person gets involved in their own thoughts and thus pens down in the form of an essay. It’s a beautiful way of writing, a pool of one’s thinking and emotions which becomes self explanatory once the involvement begins. Further essay can be of two types formal and informal, where the previous corresponds to which has some serious meaning attached to it and maybe adhere to some rules and might be length descriptive whereas informal essay are generally personal in nature based on individual preference and might not be length specific and not restricted and may contain satire or humour. Moreover essay can contain issues regarding of real life, experiences, current affairs, recollections, memories and learned arguments.

Talking about Persuasive Writing which traditionally means convincing writing which is positive convincing where the writer creates a trust on the reader and he regards the issue with his/her consent. I would even like to mention that it is a form of attraction writing, where you want to attract your reader by giving them more charming reading to indulge in your topic of persuasiveness to work their mind “for” the topic which would thus require smart writing, engaging the concerned reader to mingle up with your strong thoughts for example as used in marketing speeches.

Dating back to Greek roots this way of writing is explained by ethos, logos, pathos which I would correspond to as appeal,persuade, appeal to emotions. On this context I would like to further explain this with a classical example of Julius Caesar and the very impactful funeral speech by Marcus Brutus known as “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar”. I mention the word impactful here because it laid an immense impact on the people of Rome, it shows how a brilliant persuasive speech can bring a change within the masses. How the mob was fairly convinced by Brutus for assassinating Julius Caesar. He very tactfully explains his assassination and creates sympathy for Caesar by addressing the people on a personal level, even mentions “Be patient till the last” as to get his persuasion on immense levels. He keeps on mentioning his love for his friend Caesar which helps in having a belief within them and how smartly he moves the speech to why he had to die. It is also said that he was very passionate and effective presenting the whole speech. This piece of speech tells us the perfect example how persuasion can work for anyone once put cleverly, hence adjoining the lines from a speech to an essay, you need to adhere to the trust building of the reader and further imbibe them together.

Talking about the creation of this particular essay, we need to keep few points in mind:

1.Knowledge of your topic– You should be aware of what you want to write about, as to persuade the reader, you yourself need to have in depth knowledge of the same topic.

2.Righteousness– The piece of writing with which you are articulating, the reader is getting the right information, your words are not fragmented and the information passed is genuine. As a faulty essay would not engage your readers.

3.Know your readers– You need to be in harmony with your readers, so it’s very important to understand them, if they would agree, disagree or would appreciate your work.

4.Content– For an effective writing you need to chose your words wisely, which make the reader engaged and makes perfect sense simultaneously.There should be concrete material supporting your methods and ideologies.

Talking about the style of writing required, it should be disruptive, which means innovation or something which is ground breaking, like you are on shore with each and every topic regarding your persuasive writing, you have taken everything into consideration, as you are sure of your points of persuasion leaving no stone unturned. It is very crucial to make an elaborate theory and base your points strongly, considered as a prerequisite only then you can build a connect between the reader and the writer. Moreover to have a clarity of thoughts, and be open to any kind of argumentation because in any form of persuasion there also comes critics, and also have the expertise to handle them with ease and required information.

Writing and content has evolved in the past times, people have become more vocal with their thoughts, it provides them with a sense of security that their speech is being admired provided being it is admirable and hence persuasive writing is a technique to base even the strongest of questions from where you raise influential speeches and debates and it becomes important to consider both the sides of the debate to be humble enough to persuade your viewpoints on to the reader. So the main points remain that while writing your essay you need to be updated, humble, effective, passionate, clear and most importantly convincing with a positive attitude and approach.

If someone particularly asks us that if there is anything different in Essay writing and Assignment writing (report), then we believe that an essay can easily be converted into an assignment, but it is a bit difficult to convert an assignment into an Essay. Thus, if you need any kind of assignment help, then feel free to mail us or WhatsApp us. We are available 24X7.

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