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Hospitality History and Politics- SCU Assignment

Hospitality History and Politics- SCU Assignment

Assessment Description

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As you may have found in assignment 2, it is becoming clear that hotel companies are increasingly using the concept of ‘home’ as a way to design, develop, market and indeed deliver, the hospitality experience.

You have been employed as a consultant by a hotel or tourist company to prepare a report on the ways that commercial (and other types of) accommodation providers are making use of home to market their ‘offering’.

You have also been tasked with suggesting ways your organisation might make use of these concepts and why.

Be sure to:

  • provide some background to the business that has employed you as a consultant (this will allow your tutor/ lecturer to situate the business)
  • structure this assignment as a formal business report
  • include rationale for your recommendations. This might include making use of current academic research (and literature) in order to strengthen your argument/discussion.
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