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Help with Software Management Methodologies

Help with Software Management Methodologies

Assessment Description

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Write a business report which critically evaluates at least five (of the following eight) software management methodologies/models:

  • CMMI-DEV (CMMI for Development);
  • Agile (it may include Scrum, XP, etc)
  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
  • CMMI-SVC (CMMI for Services)
  • PMBok (Project Management Body of Knowledge)
  • DevOps
  • CobIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies)

Word count: 2500-3500.


Describe the selected models (as well as the selection criteria you used) and complete an analysis for each (e.g who they are, institution that created/maintain it, where they operate the best, what are the core principles and values, purpose, etc).


Cite/describe and explain the security aspects (if any) of each selected model. It may also include, auditing, compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery.

For each selected model, critically analyse strengths and weaknesses and where it is best used (eg, software development; software operations, governance of IT).

Compare capabilities among selected models.


Find case study/ies regarding the implementation of each selected model to support your findings, critically analyse and synthesise their findings.

PART D Conclusion

Arriving at a determination of which software management methodology is better to the development of information systems.  Justify your conclusions.

This assessment is worth 35% of the final mark of this module.

All reports will be submitted via Moodle to Turnitin.




Marking Schedule

Executive Summary

Analysis of selected models                                                                            10 %

Information Technology Security aspects described                                       10%

Model capabilities fully described and critically analysed                                           15 %

Models capabilities compared                                                                                     15%

(for each selected approach) Case study findings critically synthesised and justified              30%

Conclusion; Rationale for choice of better approach                                       10%

Presentation design, layout, grammar, referencing                                          10%

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