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Help with Buyer Decision Making Process

Help with Buyer Decision Making Process

Assignment Description

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Consumer Behavior Assignment Help

Students will be required to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to understand the stages in Buyer Decision Making Process. Students will be required to select a product of this choice purchased from a supermarket or department store. Then discuss in detail the steps a consumer takes in purchasing this product.

This is a group task in which you will be working in a team of two people to write the report. Students will be required to support their Decision making processes through documented research and evidence that supports their findings. Gather the information and data required to write the Consumer Buying Decision Process Report using journal articles, business magazines, business reports and world wide web. Use IBISWorld that is available online through MIT library to access market research reports, industry research reports and company research reports to gather business information such as customer data and company data in order to write the report. Use APA reference style to present the references. The report must consists of minimum 15 academic resources including peer reviewed journal articles.

3.0 Assessment Guidelines


3.1 Assessment Part 1- Consumer Buying Decision Process Report Format and Guidelines


Use the below format to write your report. Beneath each section of this report guideline chapters are stated to assist you in supporting your answer with the theories and consumer behavior concepts learnt in every chapter. Use your textbook, lecture materials, tutorial activities and literature from  journal articles to support your answers.


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