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Help me with my ICT Assignment

Help me with my ICT Assignment

Assignment Description

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Consider the following Case study. Please use the following URL to download and read the ENISA Threat Landscape 2014 document.

And answer the following Questions: (2.5 marks each)

1) Provide a brief overview of the case study.
2) Prepare a diagram for the ENISA security infrastructure.
3) Identify strategies for combatting Insider Threats.
4) Out of the ‘’Top threats’’ which threat would you regard to be the most significant and why?
5) Identify and discuss the key Threat Agents. What could be done to minimize their impact on the system?
6) Provide a brief summary (literature review) of Social Hacking issues.
7) Based on the data provided in Table 2, discuss the trends in threat probability.
8) How could the ETL process be improved? Discuss.
9) Based on Table 10 and your own research, identify and discuss threats that (in your opinion) will be most challenging for ENISA to combat in the year 2016 onwards.
10) To sum up, should ENISA be satisfied with its current state of IT Security? Why? Or Why not?


This assignment is for students to meet the following learning outcomes.

  • be able to justify the goals and various key terms used in risk management and assess IT risk in business terms;
  • be able to critically analyse the various approaches for mitigating security risk, including when to use insurance to transfer IT risk;
  • be able to critically evaluate IT security risks in terms of vulnerabilities targeted by hackers and the benefits of using intrusion detection systems, firewalls and vulnerability scanners to reduce risk.
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