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GB-512- Business Communication Assignment Help

GB-512- Business Communication Assignment Help

Assessment Description  

Building on the work you have already completed, you are required to identify the correct communication process for a number of scenarios.
You are required to integrate evidence of increased skills and demonstrated understanding gained from discussion forum participation. Marks will be allocated on the basis of your assessment of the scenario, understanding what needs to be done and the decisions you make as to how you would approach the situation based on the procedures discussed in your readings and discussions.


Total word limit is 900 words and a minimum of 6 resources must be referenced intext.

Outline your communication approach for two of the following scenarios using the following headings. Your answers can be in point form. 
·  Audience analysis – Who are your audience (receiver)? What are the needs and attitudes of your
·  Audience?  Communication goals – What are you trying to achieve? Consider short and long term goals.
·  Communication process – How will you plan and implement communication strategies and practices to
· achieve your goals.

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