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Food and Beverage Management- Career line Courses Lesson 9

Food and Beverage Management- Career line Courses Lesson 9


Assessment Description

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1. Assume you are a waiter in a medium sized restaurant, and a guest is taken ill shortly after starting a meal. List the actions you would take with a 1-2 sentence reason why you would do each.

2. If you are a waiter in an a-la-carte restaurant, and a customer complains that their food tastes “funny”, what should you do? Write up to one paragraph and explain why you would take this/these actions.

3. As the manager of an expensive hotel restaurant, what five rules would you impress as being the most important procedures for a new waiter to follow, when they first commence work? List them and provide a brief 1-3 sentence reason for each.

4. Purchasing is an important aspect in the successful operation of any catering facility. Give reasons why this statement is likely to be correct, and say how you would ensure that purchasing was effectively carried out if you were responsible for purchasing food for a small country pub. Write approximately 200 words.

5. Discuss the points of law that protect the purchaser in food that he buys. List each point and then discuss in 2-3 sentences for each.

6. What is required to buy and supply wine or beer in a bed and breakfast operation in your area?

7. Report on both of your set tasks. Be sure to submit the shopping list and cost estimates which you prepared in your set task.

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