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Food and Beverage Management- Career line Courses Lesson 3

Food and Beverage Management- Career line Courses Lesson 3


Assessment Description

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1. Discuss in one – two paragraphs different methods/equipment to apply heat for cooking by:

• Convection • Radiation
• Conduction.

Refer to the information on kitchen equipment that you obtained in your set task. Submit the brochures for any items mentioned.

2. Develop a maintenance schedule for a traditional catering kitchen, including estimated costs and time periods. Provide your answer in a list form (numbered or bullet points, or a table/chart)

3. Describe the staffing of a conventional restaurant kitchen which follows the partie system. Illustrate your answer by means of an organisation chart and write up to a paragraph.

4. Equipment specification covers information related to the design, manufacturing and the guarantees for all equipment that is to be used within commercial premises. Equipment specification sheets will detail all of this information for each appliance or piece of structural equipment, and may also provide essential information related to the cleaning frequency, sanitization procedures and limitations on temperature treatments for food- contact surfaces.

From the observations you made for the set task number 2, draw up an equipment specification for the following:

  • A hot cupboard
  • A salamander
  • A plate dispenser
  • A refrigerator
  • A dishwashing machine
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