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EAPA3004 English for Academic Purposes-GSM London

EAPA3004 English for Academic Purposes-GSM London

Assignment Description

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Assignment Questions

The portfolio booklet requires students to complete a range of written tasks. Students are required to complete ALL tasks. The portfolio consists of the following tasks:



Section 1: Portfolio Evidence

(These tasks will often be drafted in class and are designed to inform the written task in section 2. Suggested word counts are included in brackets.)

1Portfolio evidence I: Self-evaluation checklist3LO 1 & 2
4Portfolio evidence II: Summarising (recommended word count: 100)4LO 2
4-5Portfolio evidence III: Outline (recommended word count: 200)6LO 2
6Portfolio evidence IV: Paragraph structure (250 words)7LO 1
9Portfolio evidence V: Essay self-assessment form (recommended word count: at least 100)8LO 1 & 2
Section 2: Written Task

(The written task should be developed throughout the semester but completed in weeks 7-10.)

1-10Academic writing [compare and contrast essay relevant to higher education] (word count: 750 words)10LO 1 & 2


You will be encouraged to revise your answers to those tasks based on peer- and self-evaluation feedback techniques.

Tasks will sometimes initially be completed in hard copy but all must be submitted electronically within the EAP 1 Portfolio, which can be downloaded from GSM Learn.

The main aims of the activities included in the portfolio are the following:

1.Increasing awareness of academic writing features, including academic style and structure;

2.Developing and enriching academic vocabulary and grammatical accuracy;

3.Developing research skills, necessary for academic success;

4.Developing a variety of reading strategies and techniques to enhance understanding.

How to complete your portfolio

Section 1: Portfolio Evidence


This is a series of tasks that help you write your final essay. You need to complete ALL of them to show good awareness of the academic writing process.


Section 2: Academic Writing


This task requires you to write a 750 word essay. The essay should be on the following title:

Compare and contrast the higher education system in England with that of one country of your choice in terms of funding and quality. Which system is preferable?






  1. Complete the self-evaluation checklist in your portfolio (section 1: portfolio evidence I, p. 3). This will help you reflect on your strengths and areas to work on during the course.


  1. Do some general reading and research to choose a second country for your essay.

Access the collection of sources related to the theme of ‘Higher Education in England’ which can be found in the ‘Assignment Information’ on GSM.

Choose another country and research information on its higher education system in relation to funding and quality.

  1. Make notes of the main features of the two higher education systems.


Make notes on the funding and quality of higher education in England and the country of your choice in your portfolio (section 1: portfolio evidence II).


  1. Complete the summarising task in your portfolios (Section 1: Portfolio Evidence IV – Summarising, p. 4) to practise your paraphrasing skills and using sources in your writing.



  1. Prepare an essay outline (Section 1: Portfolio Evidence III – Outline, p. 6).

An essay outline is a plan of what you will write in your essay and how you will organise that content. It is useful for organising your thoughts and avoiding the risk of addressing irrelevant points while writing.

The outline can be found in your portfolios. You can show your outline to your lecturer and ask for feedback.

  1. Write one of your main body paragraphs in your portfolio (Section 1: Portfolio Evidence V – Paragraph structure, p. 7) and highlight its parts in colour.


  1. Write a 750 word essay comparing the higher education systems in the two countries.

The essay should follow the structural requirements of a compare and contrast essay. This means you should include the following:


•      Background information on higher education

•      More specific information on the higher education system in the two countries

•      A thesis statement explaining the outline of your essay and your position (e.g. which system is more effective?)

Main body paragraphs [2 paragraphs] (Section 2: Portfolio Evidence IV)

In each of them you should:

•      Include a topic sentence explaining the focus of the particular paragraph

•      Discuss BOTH higher education systems in relation to ONE area (e.g. funding, quality)

•      Provide evidence (references), examples and evaluation of each similarity or difference (e.g. why is it important?)


•      Summarise the main points of your essay

•      State which system is more effective and why

•      Add a few suggestions / recommendations


•       A list of detailed references you used in your essay, in alphabetical order


  1. Proof-read and edit your essay very carefully before submission and reflect on your strengths and areas for improvement (Section 1: Portfolio Evidence VI – Essay self-assessment form, pp. 8-9).
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