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Describe how you develop a culture of professionalism, mutual trust, respect and support within a team

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The word Culture in itself means the set of rules on which an organization or a team works. The rules on which the culture is based are developed from the ideas, behavior and the approach the members carry. For a good working culture, strong cohesion within the team members is of utmost importance.
To have a nice working culture in a team the basic things are- the members of the team should have the professional vision towards the work. For this, it’s very necessary to take every task as important and approach it with a serious attitude with clear goals in mind. Being professional gives a sense of responsibility and removes the casual attitude towards the work thereby increasing the discipline and forces the team to complete the task in the given time frame.
Culture also heavily depends on the trust within the members. If there is no strong bond between the members, then there can be a threat to the quality of the task as there may be clashes among the ideas of the members that may eventually lead to the rise of the ego of the individuals. To develop trust, it’s necessary to show confidence in the ideas of the others and motivate them so that they come out with their best efforts. So the mutual trust is the key and it can also escalate the professionalism.
The last thing in developing a healthy environment is the level of respect and the kind of support given by the members to each other. To gain respect is the biggest thing in this world. So to get respect, the professional attitude and one’s knowledge are very important.  High level knowledge can do wonders in gaining respect.
To become supportive is the best way to gain respect especially in somebody’s bad times. Supporting someone leads to strong bonding between the team members thereby increasing the trust level. One can support other emotionally, morally and professionally and can set an example in front of others. Any kind of support is helpful and will only benefit the team members
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