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Customer Service Project and Role-play

Customer Service Project and Role-play


This assessment is to be completed by Week 7. Kindly check eLearning for further details.

You may need to conduct some research of your own to answer these questions. Books and the internet are useful sources of information. Cut and paste answers and COPYING from classmates, even from the previous terms, will have NO MARKS. Late assessments will get a maximum mark of 25/50.



A colleague has asked you to coach them in the provision of good customer service techniques. Explain how you would go about doing this. To answer this question you will need to research the coaching process then demonstrate that you understand how coaching procedures can be applied and why these are necessary, in such situations, to have some understanding of adult learning needs. (5 marks)


Stakeholders are people who have an interest in a particular issue. A stakeholder is anyone significantly affecting or affected by someone else’s decision making. The first step in stakeholder analysis is identifying who your key stakeholders are.

Imagine a small restaurant in a busy suburban street. The restaurant seats fifty (50) people. It has a modern cuisine style menu. The business is a partnership between a husband and a wife.

Identify the stakeholders for this restaurant. Draw a diagram showing the inter-relationships.

(5 marks)

TASK3. If you or your team/workgroup identified a problem or developed a new idea with regards to improving customer service, how and to whom would you present this idea? (5 marks)

TASK4. Being able to provide customer service is not an innate skill. Discuss 3 ways on how employees can learn the skills needed to provide good customer service. (5 marks)

TASK5. In any organisation, there are both internal and external customers. These are all part of the customer – supplier chain. For the customer/end-user to receive quality products/services, it is necessary that all aspects of the customer–supply chain meet specific quality objectives. Who actually sets these quality standards and how are they set? Identify 2 entities and explain. (5 marks)

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