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CSU Assignment Consumer Behaviour

CSU Assignment Consumer Behaviour

Assessment Description

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There are many individual factors that can influence the behaviour of consumers (needs, motivations, personality, consumer perception, learning, involvement and consumer attitudes.

  1. You are required to identify at least two individual influences that are relevant to the consumers of your firm or the firm you intend to work for (choose one product/service if more than one products/services are offered by your firm) and discuss, specifically to your firm, how the three internal influences (i.e. personality, attitude and motivations, etc) impact on the consumer purchase decision process.
  2. Show how these two individual influences should be considered along with consumer decision making and experiences as discussed in chapter 10 or 11.
  3. Drawing on the theories in chapters 5-11 discuss how marketers (in your organisation) can apply this understanding of individual influences on either consumer decision making or help implement social change or the acceptance of new innovation, to improve/enhance your firm’s marketing strategies (4 Ps or 7 Ps, targeting, market segmentation, etc.).

Provide at least two or more conceptual/theoretical evidences and relevant examples (of your firm and in the marketplace) to support your discussion of each question (1-3).

– As this is an academic writing exercise, it is essential that your work is strongly underpinned by solid research, demonstrated understanding and application of consumer behaviour concepts.


This assessment task mainly covers topics 5-11 and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with the subject content on a regular basis. This assessment is designed to provide insight into Learning Objectives 1,2,3 and 5.

More specifically it seeks to assess your ability to:

  1. assess the role of individual differences on buyer decision making;
  2. be able to critically examine the stages of information processing and the internal factors that influence each stage in relation to consumer behaviour;
  3. be able to assess key trends and issues facing consumers today and describe the potential effects on current marketing and innovation strategies
Marking criteria

The detailed rubric which relates to this assessment item can be found online in the Assessment section of Interact 2

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