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CS115 Christian Studies tutorials topic 9

CS115 Christian Studies tutorials topic 9

Assessment Description

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Tutorial Exercises CS115



Small Group:

Whole Tutorial Group:



Yancey (pp69-81)

Yancey –the author notes in the story of George that “..from my friend George I learned that grace, like water, flows downwards…”(p71). What do you think of this? What do you understand from the concept of grace through this metaphor (20 mins)

When the small group discussion is completed, the whole tutorial group will hear the perspectives of each group. (30mins)

Your post must address your view of grace as described in Yancey. You may care to comment on any of the stories told by Yancey. Remember it must be your view.

Aim of Tutorial: To establish an understanding of the concept of grace that is central to a Christian Worldview. Links to Schools (provided by staff from your school):

Business – People seek to measure themselves by what they do. But the Christian worldview is grounded on what God has done for us. The direct impact of this way of thinking implies a different way for viewing success. How does the world view success v’s Micah 6:8; Col 3:17. Matt. 4 – in His temptation Jesus did not find identity in what he could do, what others thought of him, or in what he had. So business leaders have to decide how they will measure success? (which criteria); personal success measures (HRM/performance review). Watch for these themes in BS110 and BS120 (HRM aspects re performance review; goal setting).

Social Science – Underpinning Christian people helping is the notion of Grace – nothing that what we do could make God love us more or less: that is a powerful transformative truth.

Education – the classroom context must become “scenes” of grace where every day is a new day. It means that a teacher will look for the good in each child. A Christian teacher who only retains the memory of difficult behaviour will constantly struggle to see past these experiences. So, the Christian teacher needs God’s grace to see past this and identify the child and their worth as a person. This does not automatically happen so each teacher must have their own experience of grace (remember Parker Palmer – you teach from who you are).

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