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CS115 Christian Studies tutorials topic 8

CS115 Christian Studies tutorials topic 8

Assessment Description

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Tutorial Exercises CS115



Small Group:

Whole Tutorial Group:



Silvoso (pp11-20)

Silvoso – change the market place and you change the world. In a small group (3-4) discuss and formulate responses to:

What is the author trying to say?
By what strategies can our day-to-day lives be transformed? (20mins)

When the small group discussion is completed, the whole tutorial group will hear the perspectives of each group. Each group should share their answers to the suggested questions and may add other reflections as desired. (30mins)

Please remember to post on how this insight from Silvoso affects you personally.

Aim of Tutorial: To develop a dialogue around the practical forms of transformations in human life generally and specifically. Links to Schools (provided by staff from your school):

Business: Who we are and what we believe impact on what we do. The idea that who we are has nothing to do with business is not realistic. So it helps someone entering business to think through their own questions about reality and spirituality.

Social Science: People-helpers need to remember that they are people first and this includes day-to-day matters of routine as much as those of special significance. These fundamental aspects help people-helpers to truly understand what helping people means.

Education: In the classroom, the teacher is confronted with the reality of a classroom full of young people who are seekers and this requires the classroom to be transformed into a safe place for “seeking” answers.

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