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CS115 Christian Studies tutorials topic 7

CS115 Christian Studies tutorials topic 7

Assessment Description

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Tutorial Exercises CS115



Small Group:

Whole Tutorial Group:



Nouwen (pp3-9)

Nouwen – From the house of fear to the house of love. What is the main point of the author? Is Nouwen right? “We are fearful people.”(p3) Is he right when he says that “the agenda of our world ….is an agenda of fear and power.”(p4) Maybe you might like to discuss – “..finding the right questions is as crucial as finding the right answers”(p5) Who are you as a student’? Who impacted you and drew you out?(20 mins)

When the small group discussion is completed, the whole tutorial group will hear the perspectives of each group. (30mins)

Your post must address your view of the issues raised by Nouwen. You might like to consider what the “key questions” for life that you have discovered and how this discovery has assisted you. Remember it must be your view.

Aim of Tutorial: To establish an understanding that God invites us into an experience of love not fear and some of the implications that may flow from this experience.

Links to Schools (provided by staff from your school):

Business – There is a dichotomy of healthy shame v’s toxic shame – examples from Business – eg WOW Sight and Sound receivership/Sam Savvas’ death; Harvard Business Review article – “Guilt ridden people make great leaders” (Flynn). There are some leaders who remain fearful and therefore employ scams, dodgy deals; Lies; Fraud; Embezzlement -Fake Tahitian prince Joel Morehu-Barlow & Qld Health, Greed (ABC learning centres). Personal transformation therefore has a material effect on the way business is done.

Social Science – Most of the ‘therapeutic’ value of interaction with people helping professions comes from relationships – these relationships with others are a shadow of the prime relationship – the one between us and God. As we accept the invitation to enter into a loving relationship with God, we are better placed to invite others into that space.

Education – One of the biggest drivers of guilt and shame in education is performance. Do I meet the expectations as a teacher? Does my class meet the expectations? Am I creating a culture in my classroom that says to the children that they are accepted on the basis of how well they do their work? From a Christian perspective, a teacher needs to be counter-culture that sees all their class for who they are and not what they do. From experience this requires a teacher to develop a real relationship with each child. Without this relationship based on their value as a person the performance drives everything.

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