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Cross Cultural Risk Analysis – CHC School of Business

Cross Cultural Risk Analysis – CHC School of Business

The objective of this exercise is for you to research and examine the cultural communication challenges Toyota faced leading up to the recall of over 4 million vehicles in 2010 in the USA.

The Task

Read the “Toyota-Case Study”

Read the article “The Influence of Cultural Values on Business Practice”

Research the cultural challenges leading up to the Toyota recall in the USA; 2010

You are to select and justify appropriate theories that support your point of view of cultural miscalculations in handling the public relations exercise.

In addition, you are to critically reflect on the cultural miscalculations you have identified from a Christian perspective.

Read the article “How to deal with Cross Culture problems in International Business Negotiation.

The USA government fined Toyota over $1.5 billion. If this had been a negotiated outcome, describe each country’s culture in relation to negotiation.

Each student is to present a 1200 word report, including tables, which will be worth 15% of your final assessment. Cite your sources, both academic and those used to support your analysis.

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