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Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment Help- CSU Assignment

Corporate Social Responsibility Assignment Help- CSU Assignment

Assessment Description

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Value: 20%
Due date: 21-Aug-2016
Return date: 13-Sep-2016
Length: 2,500 words
Submission method options
Alternative submission method

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been identified as an integral part of company operations, although media reports show that many firms are struggling with practical application. You have been asked to conduct a CSR audit for a BHP Billiton.


In your capacity as a communications auditor, specifically address the following in a report to BHP’s management:

1. Detail your ‘scope of engagement’ (i.e. what exactly were you instructed to do).

2. Critically analyse the current understanding of CSR, referring to academic literature and industry standards.

3. Examine BHP’s CSR commitment by carrying out the following investigation:

  • identify the CSR claims embedded in BHP’s vision and strategic documents.
  • are these claims measurable (i.e. are the actions arising from them fully integrated into BHP’s governance and performance documents)?
  • can BHP demonstrate the positive impact of its CSR policy?

4. Clearly identify discrepancies between communicated intention and corporate practice.

5. Make recommendations to improve BHP’s CSR policy.

6. Ensure that discussion extends beyond the theoretical concepts

The report is to be 2,500 words in length and presented in a standard business report format comprising the following:

  • Executive summary
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • APA referencing

Covering material from topics 1-4, this assessment is designed to develop your ability to articulate an argument within a report style format.

More specifically it seeks to assess your understanding of the following learning outcomes:

1. Be able to use communication skills to inform, instruct and persuade
2. Be able to explain and critically evaluate communication standards and conventions in business
3. Be able to explain the complexity of communication across cultures, within teams, and in the management of people
6. Be able to identify and critically evaluate formal and informal communication channels in organisations

Marking criteria
Assessment 1
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Learning Outcome 2, 3
A superior analysis of CSR, and how it may challenge firms through internal and external pressures.An insightful analysis of CSR with reference to challenges faced by firms.CSR has been analysed in some depth.CSR has been satisfactorily discussed.
Learning Outcome 2, 6
A thorough and detailed audit has been carried out; options have been offered for identified challenges, taking into account internal and external environmental pressures.A detailed audit has been carried out; a range of challenges have been highlighted and analysed; recommendations reflect the complex nature of CSR.A thorough and detailed audit has been carried out; options have been offered for identified challenges.A satisfactory audit has been carried out; a range of appropriate recommendations have been made and sufficiently justified.
Report format
Learning Outcome 1
Written expression with very clear articulation of ideas and concepts. Grammar and spelling with no errors. References presented show evidence of significant research and are used accurately.Consistently clear and concise expression of ideas. No spelling errors and only minor grammatical errors. References presented show evidence of significant research and are used accurately.Expression of concepts is clear and concise. Very few spelling mistakes and / or grammar errors. Several references are presented and used accurately.Sentence structure is mostly consistent. Some spelling errors and / or poor grammar. At least two references included and are used appropriately.

Refer to the section in Appendix 1 headed ‘Presentation’.


In-text citations and a reference list in APA style are required for Assessment 1. Please refer to the CSU Referencing website at

Assignments must be submitted through Turnitin. It is recommended that your namestudent ID and page number be included in the header or footer of every page of the assignment. Further details about submission are provided in Appendix 1.

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