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Conducting System Analysis and Design for Business

Conducting System Analysis and Design for Business

Assignment overview

The aim of this assignment is to produce a requirements document that captures the functional requirements for an information system that supports the current needs of the Virtual Child International (VCI) management system as described later in the Case Study Description.

Note: This assignment covers the traditional approach.

Your tasks

Read the case carefully and if students need more detail either about the business or the assignment, they should talk to the lecturer or tutors, preferably before starting the task during the tutorial classes or go to the scheduled consultation time or email to make an appointment if necessary.

Task Part A: The Report Components

Create a word-processed business report with:

Cover page

  • Document Title •

Author(s) information

  • List of contents

Executive Summary

  • What this assignment is about and what you want to achieve.


  • Why conduct system analysis and design for a business?
  • The purpose of your work.
  • The structure of your report
  • Where did you collect data and information for completing the report?

Company/Organization Background

  • What is the business and what does this business do? (a brief description of their current business operation, products and services.)
  • What is the business problem you consider essential to address? You should list them and then pick up two which you consider are the most important for the business and explain why they are important. What are some of the opportunities when these problems are solved? How would the organisation be better off by solving this problem or taking up this opportunity?
  • Clearly explain the current system’s objectives and constraints. Please note: you need to read the case description to understand what the current system does.

Scope (Current system)

  • Written statement of functional/non-functional requirements (you are required to list them all with a brief explanation for each of them).
  • Provide a brief explanation of ‘where’ and ‘how’ you would collect information for determining these requirements. Such as interview guardians….


  • Data dictionary

o Complete 2 key data flow descriptions (Logical data dictionaries, at least 2)

o Data element descriptions (Physical data dictionaries, at least 1 of the key data entities)

  • Process Descriptions

o A brief description for each of the key processes (top level processes in level 0 DFD) written in plain English

o Write at least ONE lower level process description in structured English


You can include appendices:

  • DFD fragments, event list etc.
  • This contains any other documents that might be useful for reference or too detailed or lengthy to put into the main part of the document.

*Ensure your pages are numbered for easy reference

Reference list

List all references used in the report. You have to follow the newest Harvard referencing system.

This is a business report and should be written accordingly i.e. directed to the customer who is “Virtual Child International (VCI)”. It should reflect your understanding of the tasks required.

Task Part B: Modelling for the current system

Provide a structured analysis of the functional requirements of the system presented as a set of logical data flow diagrams and prepare a data model represented as an entity-relationship diagram for the current system.

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