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Buy MKT 510 Consumer Behavior CSU Assignment Help Assignment 1

Buy MKT 510 Consumer Behavior CSU Assignment Help Assignment 1

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 Assessment Description
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Assessment item 1
Situational Factors
Value: 15%
Due date: 04-Dec-2016
Return date: 29-Dec-2016
Length: 1500 words (max)
Submission method options
Alternative submission method

Below is the overall consumer behaviour model, which shows the factors affecting consumers’ decision-making. Focusing on the concept of situational factors, your task is to describe and then evaluate the extent to which the situational factors influence your decision-making process, using relevant theories and frameworks. To deepen your evaluation of the influence of situational factors, please compare and contrast the following types of purchasing decisions (use specific examples in your application)
  • An impulse purchase
  • A high involvement purchase

The objectives for this assessment are for students to be able to analyse the buyer decision process and critique effects of situational influences on consumer purchases. This relates to learning outcome (LO1-LO2).
This assessment also serves as an early engagement trigger. A failure to submit this assignment will mean that you are not engaged in this subject and you will be contacted by the subject convenor to discuss your progress.

Marking criteria

Details of the marking criteria are contained in the Assessment Section on Interact 2 online – Assessment 1 – MKT510 Marking Criteria
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