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Research Methods Coursework 1:
Research Proposal I – Dubai Overview Your first assignment in this course is to complete the first part of your research proposal. Your assignment should be around 1,500 words, and 2,000 maximum. It should be submitted in paper copy to the departmental office on Saturday, 25th October by midnight on Turnitin and Sunday 26th October no later than 4:00pm to Student Services.
Please make sure that you have submitted the work to Turnitin in advance of the submission, facilities to do so will be provided on the assessment page of Vision. This assignment, in conjunction with the second assignment, forms your complete research proposal, and it will serve as your map to your dissertation and should contain th e follow sections: Framing the Study Title.
What is the working title of your proposed research? Does this make your dissertation instantly recognizable to the reader, does it capture the theory and the context of your study? What is the dissertation about and why is it important. Short overview detailing why anyone would want to undertake this study and why anyone would care! [Refer to your notes from lecture 2 and tutorials 1 & 2] Research Question, Aim and Objectives. Clearly, state and delimit these three separate elements. [Refer to your notes from Tutorials 1 & 2] Is the study theory building or theory testing? Specify which theoretical body of knowledge you are basing your study within, are you developing that theory (or theories), or are you testing that theory in a new context. [Refer to your notes from lectures 2 & 4 and tutorials 1,2 & 4] What is the context for the dissertation? Are you applying the theory to a particular business, industry, sector, country, etc. and why are you planning on doing that. [Refer to your notes from lectures 2 & 4 and tutorials 3 & 4] N.B. Please remember that parts 4 and 5 should be heavily referenced, drawing on journal articles and books. Now, of course, you will be asking how many references are required.
The answer is as many as necessary… however, at least 20 to 30. Professor Kevin D O’Gorman September 2014

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