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Bank 5037 Individual Assignment

Bank 5037 Individual Assignment


Write up your analysis and in particular comment on: Key financial ratios and performance

Interest rate risk—consider net interest income/ maturity profile of debt and deposits, and fixed / floating profile.

Credit risk

Market risk

Foreign exchange (FX) rate risk

Liquidity risk

Capital Adequacy (if relevant)

Note how any of these risks are being managed (see suggested layout)

Rank the 10 financial institutions from the least risky/safest to most risky and explain why you have chosen this set of rankings.


Your report should be a Word document of 3000 words. You will also need to upload your Excel spreadsheet. You may have as many sheets within each Excel spreadsheet as you want but you will probably want one sheet per financial institution.

Academic Integrity

I will check the Excel sheets against the data in Morningstar in case of any plagiarism.

I will check the analysis in the Excel workbooks to the Word document to avoid any plagiarism or bought assignments.

Suggested Layout of Report

Note: depending upon the institutions you choose not all of these may apply.


Name the 10 financial institutions you are examining in your report.

Key financial ratios and performance

Analyse the 10 FIs regarding key ratios and performance over the last few years

Interest rate risk (IRR)

Compare and contrast the IRR across the 10 FIs. How is the risk being managed?

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