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ASSIGNMENT 1‐ ENTREPRENEURS IN FOCUS- Waiariki Institute of Technology

ASSIGNMENT 1‐ ENTREPRENEURS IN FOCUS- Waiariki Institute of Technology

Assignment Description

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This individual student assignment where the student will undertake research around an entrepreneur (not their company/companies). You are to identify an entrepreneur of choice, discussing your motivation for your selection. You will be able to select any entrepreneur, be select carefully to ensure you have enough reference material to use.

The resources you may want to use for completing the essay may include:

  •   Interviews (phone/in‐person)
  •   Entrepreneur publications (eg. Autobiography)
  •   News articles
  •   Media interviews.
  •   Journals
  •   Websites Essay question:

    Luck plays an important role in the ‘success’ of entrepreneurs. Select an entrepreneur and discuss if luck played a role in their ‘success’. Discuss why you selected the entrepreneur. Examine any previous entrepreneurial attempts (if any) and consider if ‘luck’ had played any role. Take into account any specific characteristics of the entrepreneur and consider how these characteristics impacted their ‘luck’. Review the entrepreneur’s attitude for risk and finally link entrepreneurial theory to how the entrepreneur goes about his/ her business.

    Structure of the case

    The essay word limit is 2000 words (plus or minus 10%). This is an academic assignment and as such referencing and appropriate literature are to be cited. Failure to referencing appropriately, may lead to failure of the assessment item.

    Please reference ALL sources of information – whether it be an interview, TV news segment, newspaper article, book.

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