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APPL 926 Language teaching and learning beyond the classroom

APPL 926 Language teaching and learning beyond the classroom

Assignment Description

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The independent inquiry project (Assignment 3) A report describing and analyzing the language learning of an individual or group of language learners from a language learning ecology perspective. The report should include a short literature review on key terms and theoretical concepts (500-750 words). The main body of the report should be based on an independent inquiry project and consist of an analytical description of an individual’s/group’s language learning, based on observation, interview or survey data. (Total 2,500 words including references) This week’s session is to help you plan for Assignment 3 – Independent inquiry project. Before the session, read the notes below and prepare a half-page plan for Activity 1. The plan should cover, (1) what you want to find out, and (2) what information you will need to gather to complete the project. The scope of the project is intended to be wide. You could investigate the learning of an individual, the learning of a group, or the learning that happens in a particular learning space, on a particular website or online resource. But please note the following: 1. You should focus on language learning beyond the classroom. 2. There is no lower or upper limit to the amount of information that you should gather, but it must be enough to support the main body of the report. 3. You should connect your findings to the theoretical points on language learning ecology that you make in your literature review Please note also that this is not a formal research project and does not require University ethics approval. However, you should (1) make clear to anyone who helps you that your project is for a Macquarie University assignment, (2) respect their wishes if they do not want to help you, and (3) not use real names or give information that identify individuals in your project report.

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