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AMN431 Market-Entry Analysis Report Assignment 1

AMN431 Market-Entry Analysis Report Assignment 1

Assessment Description

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The purpose of this assignment is for students to analyse the potential internationalisation of an Australian good or service to a foreign market. For this purpose, students must first choose an Australian made good or service and analyse its domestic target segment, marketing mix strategy, and main source of competitive advantage. Students must then analyse the two foreign markets provided and choose the appropriate country to enter, as well as provide justification for the country selected based on environmental, market, and consumer behaviour factors, as well as growth opportunities.


  1. Choose an Australian good or service company from one of the product categories in the list provided which has not been exported to any of the two countries analysed. Students must choose different goods or services for their assignment.
  2. Students must complete the form located on page 5 of this guideline, mentioning the good or service chosen. This form must be submitted to your tutor for approval during or before week 3. Approvals will be made in order of receipt.
  3. Imagine that you are the marketing manager for your chosen company. Briefly describe your chosen company’s existing target segment and marketing mix (4P/7P), and identify the good or service’s main source of competitive advantage in Australia.
  4. You have been advised by the board of your company that they wish to expand the company’s operations internationally into either Vanuatu or Kiribati and you need to recommend which country should be selected and why (based on a market entry analysis), as well as how (mode of entry).
  5. Analyse the two countries in terms of the characteristics of the host environment (consumer behaviour, market environment, competitors), and growth opportunities in that country. Refer to the Key Library Databases in this document for the most appropriate sources of information.
  6. Select the country that has the most appropriate fit for your chosen company’s good/service. Justify the decision of your chosen country using the following:

a. Country market analysis done through CAGE framework. Suggestions drawn from analysis in terms of foreign market opportunities and threats.

b. Firm analysis done through SWOT framework. Analyse firm strengths and weaknesses and s matching it with external opportunities and threat.

7. The market entry analysis report must be written individually in no more than 1750 words (not including appendices and references). This report is an academic piece of work and is expected to comply with the accepted academic convention and referencing style (APA or Harvard).

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