Business Policy and Strategy Assignment- SmoothPay: Growing a Mobile Payment User Base

Assessment Description

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Final Case Report (20%)

  • CASE – SmoothPay: Growing a Mobile Payment User Base (9B16E032)
  • 1500 words max, assignment submitted to Turnitin
  • Deadline: December 1st at 11:55 p.m.
  • APA
  • Structure:
    • Cover page
    • Introduction: a 100 word max description of the most important strategic problems and decisions to make found in the case.
    • Body:
      • Use your chapters 3 and 4 to analyze the case and answer the following questions:
        1. How has mobile payment evolved over time and what technologies are supporting mobile payments?
        2. How do products and services offered by SmoothPay differ from what is offered by SmoothPay’s competitors?
        3. What are the key factors driving SmoothPay’s growth?
      • Use the Ansoff Matrix to identify potential growth strategies for SmoothPay and answer the following questions:
        1. How can SmoothPay be differentiated from other mobile payment companies from now on?
        2. What is the next strategic direction for SmoothPay? Consider the use of vision, objective, scope and advantage to answer this question.
        3. What market should be targeted to enable sustainable growth?
      • Conclusions



It is important that you make good use of the amount of words that you are allowed for this case report. Say more with less and make sure that you completely understand the case and the context before trying to recommend a course of action. A good understanding of the evolution of this industry and your creativity as you use the Ansoff Matrix would help you to have more and better strategic options to explore.

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