Write EITHER a job description OR a person specification for the following job A cinema manager

 Assessment Description
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A job description can be defined as a critical document with respect to every major position. There are a number of important functions that are performed by every job description such as description of the skills and competencies that are required in effectively performing the role, used as a basis for employment contract, a valuable performance management tool etc. This job description is mainly in relation to the job post for a cinema manager and the important points are covered under the separate headings as indicated below:
Job Title: A Cinema Manager
Duties and Responsibilities: The cinema manager is required to perform a number of duties and responsibilities as indicated below:
  • Promotion as well as advertisement of projects through performing a rigorous planning, development and supervision.
  • Responsible for performing the recruitment, training and management of staff.
  • Performing the promotion of film within the local community in collaboration with community representatives.
  • Responsible for undertaking administrative tasks, organising staff payment and setting shifts for employees.
  • Responsible for achieving the adequate health and safety regulations at the venue.
  • Managing budgets.
  • Developing plans in dealing with enquiries from the press and the public.
  • Ensuring that the targets for the cinema are effectively achieved.
  • Totally responsible for managing each and every tasks in ensuring the timely performance of film shifts.
  • Responsible for all the major aspects related to cash management and control and concession areas.
  • Preparing theatre schedules and supervising maintenance across the entire theatre.
Work Conditions: The working condition that cinema manager is required to comply is indicated below:
Travelling: Occasionally

Working Hours: It will be mostly irregular. However during weekends, the timing would be mostly regular.

Location: Across the Cinema Venues
Skills, Competencies and Educational Requirements: The cinema manager is required to possess certain important skills and competencies as indicated below:
  • Should have good communication skills.
  • Should be a responsible perform to undertake responsibilities effectively.
  • Should have situation handling skills.
  • Should have positive attitude towards tasks.
  • Should adopt consultative approach in handling major situations.
  • Apart from these skills and competencies, the job of cinema manager requires that the applicant should be a graduate with 60% marks in aggregate.
Relationships: The cinema manager is required to maintain good relationships with every employee of the organisation. The manager is expected to ensure enduring relationships with not only the employees but also with the customers. The working relationship of the cinema manager can be best described as reporting to senior manager and taking the report from junior level employees. All the employees will report to cinema manager and in turn, the cinema manager is required to report regarding the e very day shows to the top management. The cinema manager is required to perform coordination with the theatre staff and provide a positive guest experience.
Salary: The remuneration for the post of cinema manager will be decided on the basis of calibre of the applicants. There is huge scope for negotiation.
All the important points in relation to the job of cinema manager are listed above. The applicants having any kinds of doubts can contact the management. The applicants are advised to bring with them their resume, passport size photographs and the copies of all their educational certificates.

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