Do you think attendance awards or bonuses would reduce absence? Give your reasons and justify them

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 The problem of declining attendance has been a severe problem faced by organisations and it becomes essential for them that they should undertake important initiatives so that the problem can be solved effectively and organisational goals can be accomplished efficiently. The strategy of attendance rewards or bonuses in reducing absence is quite unsatisfactorily as the reasons for leaves as undertaken by employees is not their pay, however, various other factors may lead to higher absence rates. As per my opinion, I don’t think that the attendance rewards or bonuses would result into the reduction in the absence rates of employees. There are various reasons that can be supported against this claim that the attendance rewards would not put any impact over the absence rates of employees. The major reason for this claim is that people usually take leaves because of genuine reasons. As for instance, they have various personal works to do apart from their official responsibility, or people might feel strains from the job or they may require some medical treatments etc. These are the genuine reasons leading to leaves taken by employees. In these genuine circumstances, the attendance awards or the bonuses would not work for the organisation because the employees would definitely take leaves to accomplish their personal responsibilities effectively.
Apart from this, the major reason leading to higher absence rates on the part of employees is when they are not satisfied with the job that they are doing or they are getting higher targets and they find it difficult to accomplish their assigned targets. In such situation, employees prefer to take leaves rather than getting scolded by their boss. In addition to this, the reason for higher level of absences on the part of employees is also the inappropriate working conditions within the organisation. These factors may lead to higher absence rates and this implies that all these factors are no way related to the absence awards or bonuses. The point here is that the absence rates has nothing to do with the financial terms. Employees do not take leaves just because their pay is low or they want to achieve higher compensation. These factors clarifies that the attendance awards would not likely to reduce the absence rates. Rather, the absence rates can be reduced by organisations through focusing on the above mentioned factors in satisfying their employees.
Bonuses are mainly utilised as an encouraging factor so that people can be encouraged to do any specific tasks within organisation. Bonuses are the additional pay to employees for their better performance level within organisation. However, the application of bonus in increasing the employees’ attendance would not work because people hardly take any leave without any reason. Thus, the strategy to compensate additionally in respect to achieving reduction over the absence rates of employees will not be highly effective. Majority of the people usually takes authorised leaves and those who take unauthorised leaves can be the target factor for this strategy of attendance awards or bonuses to workers. Since, it is their fear factor that forces them to take such leaves, any kinds of additional compensation strategy would not work against them. This implies that the attendance awards or bonuses would not be effective from the perspective of allowing organisation to achieve reduction over the absence rates of their employees.


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