Explain the benefits of ​maximising​ diversity in an organisation

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In order to evaluate the benefits from diversity management, it is essential to first understand the concept of diversity. Diversity as the name implies is an important strategy that implies the management of diversity within organisation with respect to its employees. It implies that organisations should consider for recruiting employees that comprises of both the male employees and their counterpart. Diversity can be managed by organisation with respect to age, gender, religion, cultural backgrounds etc by way of recruiting all kinds of employees from diverse background.
There are various benefits that can be accomplished from managing diversity within organisation. As for instance, diversity management leads to the most significant advantage to organisations in the form of higher recognition of the society and community in which it operates. This is mainly because diversity in terms of both the male and female employees in the workgroups and at the managerial positions within organisation leads to favourable reputation of the organisation within society. Earlier it was believed that the male employees in most of the organisations occupy the top most positions, and female employees are not given equal opportunities. However, organisations have started maintaining diversity by including the female employees in majority of the top level management positions within organization. This has resulted into positive acceptance of the workings of organisation within the community at large and also the better management of entire organisational activities.
Another major benefit of diversity management is that it includes people from different cultural backgrounds from different countries and the inclusion of diversified employees would better enable the organisation in performing important activities. As for instance, there will be knowledge sharing between the diversified workgroups within organisation and by applying the knowledge of the members from such diversified groups, better solutions can be reached to organisational problems which could not be possible to attain from the knowledge of a single individual. The workers from different ethnic and cultural groups would present their diversified knowledge which could be applied in effectively solving the organisational problems. Apart from problem solving, diversity management also leads to the accomplishment of higher level of creativity, because there will be different knowledge applicable from employees from different cultural background.
Apart from this, diversity management is also beneficial in the sense that the people from top level management will not be able to play any kinds of politics, as there would be people from diverse backgrounds and religions and the chances of supporting each other would be less. This would benefit the organisation and ultimately its stakeholders. Further, there would not be any kinds of problem regarding discrimination among employees within organisation, as there would be adequate diversity. The problem of discrimination is a major problem and there are various organisations in the past that have faced with the problem of discriminating within their employees and this has led to huge fines and penalties over them. As such, by managing higher level of diversity, an organisation can protect itself from any such kinds of litigation against it. The decision making ability of the organisation also gets strengthened from the management of diversity in terms of its workforce. These are the major benefits that can be accomplished by organisation from managing higher level of diversity within its workforce.


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