Compare marketing of services vs marketing of a product?


Whenever a product is being marketed, it means that a physical item is being marketed which is tangible in nature, which can be touched, seen, sensed, smelled and valued. We see in our everyday lives, plenty of commercials and print ads where everyone and anyone is just marketing their products using all sorts of creative styles. For instance, let’s take an example of a laptop. Whenever a company makes marketing plans or strategies to  market it’s latest laptop they are marketing a physical product which they can show it very easily to a consumer highlighting all it’s features and all. In this case, the buyer can actually see the product, feel it, touch it, compare it. It becomes very easy for the customer to decide if he/she wants to buy it or not and they compare the value of the product with the amount they are spending on. They can also physically test run and see it. However, this  is very different from marketing a service where the company is marketing a non-tangible item which can’t be seen, touched, felt or compared. Customers are generally reluctant to pay for services as they can’t analyse or test it on their own that is why customers always do a very thorough market research before paying for any service. They take opinions from a variety of people before spending their hard-earned money. For example, when a customer takes the services of a computer rent. In this the only option with the customer is to trust the person who is giving the service and a little word of mouth. The customer feels uncomfortable in giving advance money for something where he/she cannot even try. Hence this is the basic difference between marketing shoes and marketing a shoe repair.

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